My bullet Journal Set up

I know I have not blogged for so long and looking at the last time I posted something its actually just sad to think I let so much time go by without posting things.
So here is another post something I am currently doing and enjoying and I want to share it with everyone I can.

Lets get started.

I am not sure how much times I typed and retyped this post but I am hoping this is the final one that I am happy with and post. So today I want to share with you the Bullet journal, what it is, why I love it and why you should try it.

For a while I have been playing around with different planner diaries to help me keep my work, personal life, photography and blog things up to date in one place together. I wanted something that I could take with to work that I would want to take out and work in and go back to. I am not sure if I am the only one but when I don’t really love something or how it works Im not really going to use it that much. I tried making my own planner pages for the Filofax but I wasn’t happy with the small size. 

Then I found out this Bullet journal hype and well I fell straight into it.What is a bullet journal? Well it’s whatever you want it to be. And that’s the amazing thing about it yeah you see the Bullet journal community on Instagram and omw their stuff is amazing but you don’t need all of that it’s what you can afford and what works for you. It’s a book or journal however you want that you use to make your lists and tasks of what you need to get done. You can use it to track your fitness, book reading, and sleep habits, savings for something and even wedding planning. I love how you can do your daily things and then if you want to on the next page write things you don’t want to forget you just write it.
For me every day I use it I love it even more. I used to end up with so much little papers and sticky notes in my work bag of things I needed to remember when I get home and then I would forget about them anyway. 

What I use: I got a journal at CNA that is perfection in my eyes for this, the lines are small and the pages doesn’t bleed through that badly. I have black gel type pens that I am in love with I got them at Plastic land and then some coloured pens. All as you can see in this picture below

So I will show you a few pages I set up for myself, how I use it , set it up and just for you to get an idea.

On the front I took an envelope and stuck it to the book to add notes and suck things In there

Then I created the key as most bullet journals have

The future log is where you have all the months for the year or when ever you are starting your journal and you just add the events and information you know

I have a few random pages

So when a new month comes I do a beginning page something simple but pretty im not that good of a drawer yet but I love the calligraphy writing

Then on the next page I have my month view. This is where I just put the whole month information on there for me to be able to go back for my week view and see what’s happening

Then on the next page I have the month’s memory, I see this in a lot of peoples bullet journal and I love it, it’s fun to look back on the month to the memories

Then for the week spread, I tried a few different styles as you can see in the picture. Yet again that is nice of the bullet journal if you don’t like something the one day you can try it different the next. So far I like the last picture one. This spread helps me to prepare for the week ahead on some days I don’t really remember what is needed and being able to look back on the week it helps me a lot and while creating this page I look at my monthly spread for other information I may have missed

This is my current week spread the I love and will use mostly

My daily spread is very simple. Some add the weather and water tracker and other stuff. I don’t really want to know that. I am still thinking of a way to create my daily spread but so far this is that I do. I have my day and date. Next to that in the red type highlighter I mark meetings for the day. I also add other stuff like bdays. Then I add page that is for the book I am currently reading the week.
Then I add my tasks I highlight in orange if its complete, in yellow if I need to take it over to the next day, blue if its not related to work like personal at home stuff or other random things, green for if I need to take it off, and then red for the meetings.
just a few images for you to get an idea of my daily spread that is simple and works for me.

As you can see its anything you want it to be.

I got a separate journal the same one for our wedding planning. Being able to have a small book to write it all in helps a lot. It’s nearly set up the same I will do a post about that with my wedding file

So if you were like me wanting to keep track of everything but can’t take the notes and papers any more try this it really doesn’t have to be like mine even if you track Monday and skip a few days you can carry on when you want to again it’s not like a diary where there is open spaces. You can see by the picture of how much pages I used already

Here is a few people you should defiantly check out for inspiration they helped me a lot 

Hope this post was interesting and you learnt something. Even if I got at least one person to try this I would be happy 

Have a blessed day 


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