My bullet Journal Set up

I know I have not blogged for so long and looking at the last time I posted something its actually just sad to think I let so much time go by without posting things. So here is another post something I am currently doing and enjoying and I want to share it with everyone I can. Lets get started. I am not sure how much times I typed and retyped this post but I am hoping this is the final one that I am happy with and post. So today I want to share with you the Bullet journal, what it is, why I love it and why you should try it. For a while I have been playing around with different planner diaries to help me keep my work, personal life, photography and blog things up to date in one place together. I wanted something that I could take with to work that I would want to take out and work in and go back to. I am not sure if I am the only one but when I don’t really love something or how it works Im not really going to use it that much. I tried making my own planner pages

Wedding Wednesday: My Bridesmaids

Hello Everyone I haven’t posted about the wedding status in a while so here a special post for Wedding Wednesday my Bridesmaid Boxes, how it was done and all the other details. I hope this post inspires or helps any brides out there. Let’s get started. So let me introduce you to my girls My Maid of Honour: Michelle So we don’t have many years of friendship I think now its going on for 2 years but it feels longer. We become good friends at work we were placed in an office together and I think from there the friendship grew. I always hoped for the type of friendship you see on TV or movies and luckily enough that is what I got with Michelle. S he is always there for me , listens and lets me be my crazy self. Peopl e at work ca ll us twins or sisters and that's how I see us . My Bridesmaid: Nadia She is my unbiological sister. She gave me the opportunity for finally for the first time ever be a bridesmaid for their special wedding. This woman has